Comedy Coaching

Comics of all levels! 

Are you getting frustrated with your current set? Do you feel like your jokes aren't connecting with the audience the way you feel they should? Is the current clip of your act that you are sending out not getting you gigs? I can help. 


Comedians from all over the country have been utilizing my comedy coaching. How it works is this. You send me a clip of your act. I break down every single aspect of the clip. I give recommendations on editing, techniques, approaches and set structure along with examples on how to punch up the material, make it relate to all walks of life, adding inflection and body language to enhance the material, shaving off clutter words, brainstorming ideas to get the most out of a premise and much more. You get emailed an in depth feedback of your act in 7 days from when the clip and payment were received. 


Comics at all levels from all over the country have bettered their act and unlocked the potential in their material with my notes, feedback and suggestions. With my comedy coaching advice, you wil be armed with the knowledge needed to make your act resonate with audiences like never before. 


Clips can be anywhere from 5-20 minutes long. Please send clip of act in its entirety. No edited clips. Cost is $50. Send clip to

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