A comedian, writer, podcaster, father, and a national treasure. Pat is many things but the thing he is the most is funny.  

Pat was the winner of the  2015 Last Comix Standing competition at Foxwoods casino, defeating 150 other comics. He has appeared on TLC's Extreme Cheapskates, E's Talk Soup, Robert Kelly's YKWD, Legion of Skanks, and various morning radio programs and has been selected to be part of the Boston, Baltimore, Rogue Island, Oak City, and Granite State comedy festivals.

Performing comedy for over 11 years, Pat has become a student of the game working with some of the best comedians in the world and frequently sharing what he has learned through authoring a popular weekly comedy advice column and through extensive comedy coaching that have been both praised and utilized by comedians at all levels.

 His latest album, "Good Try", can be found anywhere you purchase and download albums and his podcast "Pat Oates is Sad" can be found anywhere you listen to podcasts. His new EBook "How Not To Suck At Comedy" can be found..on this site. 

Pat is a passionate, driven, hard working comic who's brutal honestly and animated storytelling make him stand out and leave audiences laughing. 

Pat Oates is....Comedy. 

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